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Rehabi Penile Vacuum Trainer

Was it reccomended by a Urologist, Doctor, Nurse, Physio - or you have done your own reseach - so self education?
A "Device Consult" runs through how to correctly use the device to get the best result. How often to the use the device and for how long to use it on each occasion. What to expect and what to watch out for
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The REHABI PVT® supports rehabilitation and improves erectile function after radical prostatectomy, as a result of pelvic surgery and as erectile tissue training in IPP/Peyronie’s disease. Preservation of erectile function is a major need for sexually active men after prostate cancer and contributes significantly to quality of life and enjoyment of life. Studies show that early use of a vacuum pump leads to full erection in 80% of patients. In addition, better healing results and reduced incontinence times are observed.


  • improved oxygen supply to the corpus cavernosum of the penis
  • faster absorption of sexual activities
  • significantly supports the maintenance of erectile function
  • shorter time interval until spontaneous erections are achieved
  • improved continence
  • less loss of penis length
  • less expensive than medication
  • positive influence on the course of IPP/Peyronie’s disease

SUPPORTS REHABILITATIONe.g. after radical prostatectomyIMPROVED OXYGEN SUPPLYof the corpus cavernosum of the penisSHORTER TIME INTERVALuntil achieving spontaneous erections

Safety Information


  • Made in Germany
  • TGA approved
  • FDA conforming
  • CE medical device