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Active 3 Erection System (TGA approved)

Was it reccomended by a Urologist, Doctor, Nurse, Physio - or you have done your own reseach - so self education?
A "Device Consult" runs through how to correctly use the device to get the best result. How often to the use the device and for how long to use it on each occasion. What to expect and what to watch out for
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The new ACTIVE 3® Erection System lets you be all man again. Our vacuum erection aid uses negative pressure to restore a normal erection. Without tablets or unwanted side effects. The negative pressure causes the erectile tissue to fill with blood and leads to a stiffening of the penis. Then one of the constriction rings is slipped over the shaft of the penis: it maintains the erection as soon as the cylinder is released from the body. With an erection maintained in this way, normal and satisfying sexual intercourse is possible (again).


  • helps quickly with erectile dysfunction (impotence)
  • helps to maintain the length and girth of the penis
  • works easily and quickly, without side effects
  • can be used repeatedly and for many years
  • is manufactured in Germany
  • offers unique design with illumination of the cylinder
  • is a medical device, certified according to ISO 13485 class II a


WORKS EASILY AND QUICKLYwithout side effects

2 YEAR WARRANTY on the pump head

RECHARGEABLEno batteries needed

Safety Information


  • Made in Germany
  • TGA approved
  • FDA conforming
  • CE medical device